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  • On-line Obituary Form

We provide our On-line Obituary Information Form for the purpose of allowing you and your family to submit to us, the information about your loved one that you would like to appear in their obituary listing on our website, as well as, to be reported to local newspapers and/or periodicals for publication in their obituaries pages.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact Straub's Funeral Home at (360) 834-4563.

NOTE: Fields marked with an asterisk ( * ) are required. Any information you submit will be held in the strictest confidence - we do not release any information to outside parties under any circumstances.
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Newspapers will only use names of the immediate family as listed below. The city or town and state of the survivors must be included - separate each piece of the individual's information with a comma and a space. If there is more than one person per each text area, then separate multiple individuals by hitting the 'enter' key so that they each appear on a new line in the text area.

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Please list any other instruction or information you would like us to have. You may also use this free-form text area to write exactly how you would like the obituary worded, and we will include it as you have entered:

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