Our History

From the first founding of Swank Funeral Home by Wilmer Swank in 1911, we have been dedicated to serving our local community. Straub's has had other owners, to include: Keith O'Hair, Ronald Dufrense (who changed the name to Camas Funeral Chapel), Jake and Margaret Straub (who gave us our current name), Lyle and Peggy Burnett, Rudy and Karen Dierickx, and now their son, Chris Dierickx, a fourth generation funeral director.  The most recent addition to Straub's was by Chris, when he partnered with his sister Domonique (Gardner Funeral Home) in ownership of a crematory- Columbia River Crematory.  Since then, Straub's has been able to proudly offer its families cremations without outsourcing a crematory.  Our families' loved ones never leave our care.

The name and owners of Straub's Funeral Home have changed over the years, but the reputation and values, instilled by its owners and funeral directors, have remained committed to excellence for generations.  We stand behind our long-earned reputation and will continue to serve our community with the values our community has come to know and expect.

Our Purpose

At Straub's Funeral Home, we take great pride in what we do. Our purpose is to:

  • Help families make well-planned preparations in their time of need
  • Provide a peaceful and soothing environment where people can gather to honor the life of a loved one
  • Preserve longstanding traditions and customs
  • Offer personalized and affordable services and products
  • Reach out to the greater community

We believe that the success of any business requires dedication and professionalism. In our business, in particular, it also requires a great deal of kindness, compassion and attention to detail. You’ll find these qualities in each and every member of our staff here at Straub's Funeral Home.

Put your trust in us to make this experience as comfortable and carefree as possible.